Data-driven career counseling
Preparing youth for the future of work
We help students and their families
navigate the complex world
of the future of work
We provide K-12 educators
with the necessary tools and curriculum for career readiness
We empower policy makers
with data to map student talent profiles and career aspirations, allowing for more informed decision making
Profilum is the leading provider of digital career counselling solutions in Russia and CIS
2017-2018 resident of
1.5 mln users
across Russia and CIS
in 2015
For students & families
Where to study?
Which vocation should I choose?
Where will I have a competitive advantage?
For teachers & schools
How to prepare students to make informed college and career choices?
How to achieve a personalized approach with limited resources?
Our core product
K-12 career readiness platform
Comprehensive toolkit to help students navigate and prepare for the future of work.
How does it work?
Counselor dashboard allows to create individual recommendations for students and parents
  • Career choices
  • Higher education choices
  • Talent profile reports
  • Career readiness reports
  • Access to up-to-date career materials
  • Automatic parent report generation
Regional and countrywide data
Comprehensive toolkit to help students navigate and prepare for the future of work.
Profilum — preparing youth
for the future of work
Customized content that reflects cultural values and economic trends of specific regions
Fast growing industries and careers database
Career readiness curriculum aligned with global and specific economic trends
Countrywide career readiness dashboard, empowering regional authorities to create targeted programs for career and future readiness
Aggregated data on career readiness levels, career and educational plans
Side by side comparison of student preferences and aspirations vs global and local economic trends
Founding team
Vitaly Altukhov
Head of R&D, Cofounder
Psy.M. Higher school of economics, Moscow, Russia
Eugene Lurie
Chief Product Officer
Psy.M. Moscow state University, certified by the British psychological Society
Rafael Saryan
Chief Executive Officer
National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow, Russia
Maksim Feldman
Chief Business Officer
Executive MBA Skolkovo, Russia
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Happy to make a personal demonstration and answer questions